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Established in 1932, JCI South Africa became the first national organisation from the African continent to officially affiliate with JCI in 1957. At its prime, the organisation grew to over 2000members in more than 60 chapters across the country.

In 1973, during the height of the apartheid era, JCI members rose above the institutionalised racial segregation and applied to the then apartheid government to grant the organisation permission to establish multi-racial chapters. The application was granted in 1974. In 1990 the general assembly at the National Convention adopted a declaration on apartheid that reaffirmed the belief of members that South Africa should be a non-racial society and therefore completely rejected apartheid.

JCI South Africa has hosted international events that include the 1977 JCI World Congress that was the first in the African soil and the 1989 JCI Africa Conference that was hosted in Swaziland due to restrictions posed by the apartheid laws.

Since the dawn of a democracy in 1994, JCI South Africa has been part of a vision of establishing a non-racial, non-sexist, free, and prosperous South Africa. In an effort to contribute to social cohesion and economic development of a new South Africa, the organisation has empowered many young leaders and created impact through hundreds of projects aimed at addressing social and economic challenges in our communities.


We have since brought thousands of young leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to our shores by hosting amongst others the 1996 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference, 2007 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference, 2016 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference, and 2021 JCI World Congress. We are part of a JCI movement determined to be the foremost global network of young leaders.


The organization has a  membership of  300 highly motivated and impact-driven young professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. Thousands of its alumni continue to make a meaning change in their leadership roles across all sectors of society. JCI South Africa has implemented projects aimed at empowering youth and communities around South Africa in areas of education, entrepreneurship, health, and children’s rights. Over the years it has partnered with many credible organizations, institutions and government entities in various projects and events.